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Following on from MYOB’s announcement that everyone needs to purchase an Annual Support Plan, which is on top of the Annual Maintenance fee for their EXO Payroll, it may surprise everyone to know that they have also raised the cost of the Annual Maintenance fees.

So are we getting hammered by MYOB or do they provide value for money? A quick review of what their competition charges clearly shows that MYOB’s new acronym should be Milking You’s Our Business.  See below:

Program Staff Licence Annually % of Licence Support
ACE Payroll 50 $795.00 $195.00 24.53% Yes
SmoothPay Medium 50 $795.00 $240.00 30.19% Yes
IMS Payroll Partner 50 $999.00 $360.00 36.04% Yes
WageEasy* 50 $3,500.00 $700.00 20.00% Yes (HR & Payroll)
PayGlobal Express 50 $2,750.00 $880.00 32.00% Yes
MYOB EXO 50 $2,030.00 $1,250.00 61.58% No
ACE Payroll 100 $795.00 $195.00 24.53% Yes
SmoothPay Premium 100 $1,250.00 $255.00 20.40% Yes
IMS Payroll Partner 100 $1,500.00 $500.00 33.33% Yes
PayGlobal Express 100 $5,500.00 $1,210.00 22.00% Yes
WageEasy* 100 $7,000.00 $1,400.00 20.00% Yes (HR & Payroll)
MYOB EXO 100 $2,690.00 $1,535.00 57.06% No
* Pricing to be confirmed Pricing is based on multi user access

So as we can see MYOB is charging the highest Annual Maintenance fee and they expect users to pay for Support on top of that. Well as some readers have already commented ‘they have had enough’ so will be moving off their system to something new.

We would love to hear how you feel about the new charges imposed by MYOB so please complete our survey by clicking HERE!

4 Responses to “MYOB Cares About You – Yeah Right!”

  1. Old payroller says:

    While I don’t agree with the idea of an annual support fee.
    I note that there are three comments here, all negative and all posted by competitors of MYOB’s trying to flog products!

    Price is not the only thing that determines value. If that were the case no-one would buy a Porsche and everyone would drive a Lada.

    The proof of the pudding will be in how many MYOB Exo users actually change payroll systems as opposed to moan and threaten but when it comes down to it do nothing.

  2. Love the new acronym – Brilliant

    IMS will continue to offer MYOB Exo Payroll Users a 20% discount on the license cost of IMS Payroll Partner – plus a free data conversion which include the Leave Earnings History Data – So the transfer is relatively painless and the cost savings are now, even more significant.

  3. Matt Gardner says:

    We’re appalled at their cavalier attitude to users and support costs too.

    SmoothPay is happy to offer a $250 crossgrade from MYOB – including free data transfer (the utility is built-in, but should only be used on a copy of the MYOB payroll files).

    One advantage of this is that unclaimed KiwiSaver top-ups from the 2009 tax year can still be claimed – worth on average $650 per employee and at no cost to the employer.

  4. Phil Eriksen says:

    Just want to add, the numbers are even worse than quoted here.

    We are happy to cross upgrade any MYOB user to Ace Payroll for $250+GST, not $795+GST.

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