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I always felt that with the programming mite of MYOB that they could have found (which begs me to conclude they didn’t want to) a way to continue printing on the industry standard slim dot-matrix payslip.

Instead they FORCED all users to move to an A4 Lineflow Payslip at much great cost and only available from MYOB.

Anyway, MyPayslips not only has made available their own A4 Lineflow Payslip but they have also discovered a way to continue using the old payslips – even though MYOB says this is no longer possible.

Justin Ryan of Payroll System Limited (who run MyPayslips) says “Considering how totally unhelpful MYOB was in relation to this whole matter we will keep the details on how this works to those who purchase payslips from us as at least we took the time to find a solution”.

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