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MYOB EXO (Milking You’s Our Business) today announced details of their Employer Services Support Plans.

Essentially, Pay Per Call support will no longer be available so if you want support you HAVE to join their Support Plan otherwise your only recourse for support is their Knowledge Base (I wonder where they are going to get the Knowledge to fill this!).

The cost of the Support Plan is 15% of the current retail software cost so if you add this to their Annual Maintenance cost you will be paying on average 75% of the software cost every year to get the SAME LEVEL OF SERVICE that their competition provide as part of their standard Annual Maintenance fee (which vary from 20% to 36%).

The only conclusions one can take from this is:

  • MYOB EXO do not want to sell anymore of their products
  • MYOB EXO are not that interested in providing support
  • MYOB EXO have totally lost touch with their customers
  • MYOB EXO will be losing a large number of clients very soon

You can see their announcement HERE!

Interestingly one of MYOB’s Accounting competitors, Moneyworks, have shown that MYOB also charge Accounting clients a 70% cost of ownership, see here.  But their comments regarding Support should be heeded by MYOB.


MoneyWorks has been designed to require as little external support as possible. For this reason we do not have an annual support fee, so you don’t pay for support that you do not need. Instead we offer a variety of support options from which you can choose a package that best suits your needs.

Telephone Support

For telephone support in New Zealand, call 0900-55-444. Calls cost $1.99 + GST per minute.

On-site Support

For on-site support click on the People link.

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