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There is a lot of publicity in the media from companies setup to secure Tax Refunds for employees.

Now I have no idea what these companies charge but the reality is any individual can work it out themselves, for FREE.

All you need to know is your Total Gross Income for the year and Total Tax Paid and then all you do is use the Tax Calculator from the IRD.

The process is totally anonymous (you don’t have to enter your name or IRD number) and the results will show if you are entitled to a tax refund or owe the IRD money.  I don’t understand why the IRD can’t just send you any refund automatically and not require you to claim for it.

If you do request a Personal Tax Summary from the IRD then you are obliged to pay them any shortfall in tax.

Their calculator can be found HERE!

Also see if your name is on the Unclaimed Money register as you may be entitled to a refund from previous years.

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